Friday, June 8, 2012

confused about what seems to be 3 different worlds

I went to my local scrapbooking store today....a non chain retailer to see if i could find a couple of items without waiting for shipping thru on-line stores.

They didn't know the brand name Scor-Tape, they had no idea what project life was, or who Becky Higgins is. They had very little in the was of destress inks, stains, or Tim Holtz's, had know idea what Dyllusion ink was by Ranger, and I saw no stickles at all.

This store opened around 1993, I ask. The staff on duty stated they had worked their 17 years.

SO, heres my confusion are there really 3 different scrapbooking worlds .... the retail market divided into ma and pa stores vs chain stores, and then the on-line market or am I just weird, crazy or both.

Will have to research this confusion further.....stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

FATHER"S DAY CARDS X 3ready to sell

Hi everyone,
Finished 3 cards with altered mailing envelopes, and they are up for sale. Had fun making these with stuff I found during my thrift store shopping adventures.
Each card is $8.00 to buy and 3.00 for me to ship it to you. Card will cost approx. 2.00 to mail in US. Leave me a comment if interested and I'll get back to you. All sales thru pay pal, I will send an invoice to your email address you give me.
Happy Crafting
Pinkie peachy tag reads .... vintage classic auto. Color of tag match's variegated colors in trim. Right upper corner has a pinned on old key.
Pretty feathers borer the paper on the lower half.
Bottom of card has Asian money coins added for interest.

Card comes with 4 tags which you can write a love note on. Or each kid
can sign they name on a tag.
Tags fit inside in pockets around black area.

 Right side brown area reads.....YOU ARE LOVED which is stamped in gold ink. White area reads....i cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection. --S.Freud
This card has an old fashion bike charm added plus 2 word charms "dream" and" hope".

Inside has hearts... cut out of traffic sign paper.
        I love shopping at thrift stores. I found some type of paper for under wallpaper which is heavy and stiff until you wet it then its soft and pliable. Then I found 6 old car molds. I really have know idea how these are meant to be used. However I put my wet paper over the top of the mold and then embrossed and de-brossed the car image onto the paper using embrossing tools of various sizes. Then using a heat gun I dried the paper while still sitting on the mold. After dry I took the paper off the mold and used current techniquies with distressing ink to bring out the highs and lows of the picture.Then I made greeting cards with the pictures on the front. Simple over all but really fun using found stuff from my shopping adventures.