Friday, June 8, 2012

confused about what seems to be 3 different worlds

I went to my local scrapbooking store today....a non chain retailer to see if i could find a couple of items without waiting for shipping thru on-line stores.

They didn't know the brand name Scor-Tape, they had no idea what project life was, or who Becky Higgins is. They had very little in the was of destress inks, stains, or Tim Holtz's, had know idea what Dyllusion ink was by Ranger, and I saw no stickles at all.

This store opened around 1993, I ask. The staff on duty stated they had worked their 17 years.

SO, heres my confusion are there really 3 different scrapbooking worlds .... the retail market divided into ma and pa stores vs chain stores, and then the on-line market or am I just weird, crazy or both.

Will have to research this confusion further.....stay tuned.

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