Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a disappointment for sure.

You know the old saying ... measure twice and cut once.....well i didn't, and  in the final step of an important project, (oh, and of course at the final moment i had to work on the project before using it as a gift). I discovered my handmade scrapbook cover wasn't wide enough (left to right) for the project life pocket pages I had purchased for the album. I used Kathy Orta's hidden hinge system, attacked my pages to the binding using scor-tape and done. I WAS FEELING SO CRAFTY !!

Then I closed the scrapbook to admirer my work on the front one more time, and OH NO .... DA** IT !!!, the plastic pages were hanging out beyond the cover. It wasn't a lot but enough that I saw it for sure.

I normally believe there are no mistakes in crafting just surprises along the way, that make the project design more challenging. BUT this surprise caught me completely off guard and out of time.

If I had had more time I'm sure I could have met this surprise with a solution, but all I could do was bag it up and go.

A hard leason to learn again.

happy crafting.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Well I know I'm missing in action here on the oh blog, but I'm doing all kinds of coming soon.

Went shopping a couple of times and found some great buys for future projects. In fact some will show up for father's day.

Hope you are all turning into the paperclipping round table at Noell and Nancy and guest make it an educational, and informative show, and IZZY makes it fun and exciting. Its a live radio type show, but on line, I LOVE listening while crafting. Podcast cast available on i tunes as well.

Summer CHA in Chicago is coming soon so that means MORE new products will be coming soon. heck, I haven't got everything I want from Jan CHA, but that's OK we always want more.... don't we crafters.

Happy Crafting All !!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

i'm still here...

i haven't left the planet just been working on projects to post, so stay tuned more is coming soon.
got some great stuff at my local thrift store for projects.....just love shopping for surprises and cheap finds.
happy crafting

Sunday, May 13, 2012

MY 3 DOGS !!!!!

Hiccup the 1st--boston mix
Koby-- yorkie mix

Griffin my mostly hairless ch crested and kerry blue terrior mix.

Its been a fun and productive day for me with my new venture. My son was here and helped a lot with computer stuff. (THANKS KIDDO)
My blog is here as you can see, so that was good.
And, ( drum roll please) I now have a You Tube Channel which is very exciting , and I made and post two videos.
yaaaa for me!!!!
My first video is a silent show of my 20 corsages I made for teacher appreciation day. The second video is set to music (I got braver), and shows the butterfly mini album I made for a dear friend.


My YOU TUBE SITE IS ccby3dogs....whole name was to long, but I'm OK with the abbreviated version.

well I've had such a great day I'm off to bed.
happy scraping !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

All the pictures plus more to come are craft items I've made in the past. I have found that I love doing this so much it has become my daily focus. All of these items were for others and have been given away, and I'm told well received.
Now however, I want to try my hand at selling my projects. I know this won't be easy on- line since so many other very talented folks are doing the same thing but, what the heck, I'm going to try anyway.
I think I want to show projects on You Tube and then also have a Etsy store but both are yet to come.
I really have no idea what I'm doing on the computer but I set up a Gmail acct and a blog spot blog today. Things look OK on my screen, however my photo taking must improve. But, when i google my blog nothing comes up....mmmmm. Well lots of stuff shows in the search just not my site/blog. Lots more to learn I guess .... hopefully today's work wasn't a waste of time.
happy crafting

Friday, May 11, 2012

Snow family paper pieced from cricut.

pink wreath with hearts and flowers

Sm notebooks decorated for Christmas Gifts

inside of corsage ...colored with copics.

Teacher corsage for teacher appreciation day.
Colored with copic markers, and paper pieced using cricut.
standing signs that say
happy st patrick's day.
inside of upper part has
glitter so when shaken the
glitter moves.
example of bracelet made by craftycreationsby3dogs
well it begins, my first blog.
My blog will be about crafting and my experience in this endeavor.
Things I make for sale,
the craft world as a whole,
sites I like relating to crafts and crafting,
places i buy from,
and wonderful treasures I find at my local thrift stores. 
I also will be unable to stop myself from giving my opinion on various issues, because even during the short time I've been working on this project I've maded mistakes and allowed the hype to over power my reason and logic.
So until next time,
happy crafting.