Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a disappointment for sure.

You know the old saying ... measure twice and cut once.....well i didn't, and  in the final step of an important project, (oh, and of course at the final moment i had to work on the project before using it as a gift). I discovered my handmade scrapbook cover wasn't wide enough (left to right) for the project life pocket pages I had purchased for the album. I used Kathy Orta's hidden hinge system, attacked my pages to the binding using scor-tape and done. I WAS FEELING SO CRAFTY !!

Then I closed the scrapbook to admirer my work on the front one more time, and OH NO .... DA** IT !!!, the plastic pages were hanging out beyond the cover. It wasn't a lot but enough that I saw it for sure.

I normally believe there are no mistakes in crafting just surprises along the way, that make the project design more challenging. BUT this surprise caught me completely off guard and out of time.

If I had had more time I'm sure I could have met this surprise with a solution, but all I could do was bag it up and go.

A hard leason to learn again.

happy crafting.

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